In Konf, we refer to each talk or a portion of an event as a session. We offer five types of sessions:

  • Broadcast session: For one lead speaker/moderator and up to 11 additional speakers presenting, and an unlimited number of viewers. The lead speaker/moderator starts the session and controls session recording.
  • Group session: For smaller interactive sessions, workshops, breakout rooms where anyone from the audience can also be a speaker. The 'Go on Stage' button lets anyone join with video and audio. A maximum of 12 people are able to share their video simultaneously.
  • Stage session: For a main stage live stream from a third party content provider (from OBS or similar).
  • External session: External sessions simply link to an external URL entered below. Konf video and chat is not enabled for the session.
  • Embed session: Embed an existing video from different sources by pasting the video's URL into the Embed URL Box. (Check this article to know more about Embed sessions).

In this article, we are going to walk you through how to create a broadcast or a group session. If you want to create a stage session - click here!

Create a broadcast/group session:

From the navigation bar on the left of the screen, select Sessions, then click on Add Session.

Give your session a name, description, and choose your session type.

Add your lead speaker/moderator, additional speakers, and set start time, session date, and duration. You can also make your session accessible for people with VIP tickets, Standard tickets, or both by checking the blue boxes next to "Accessible for Ticket Levels" option. (You can know more about ticket levels here).

*Remember: your speakers must sign up for your event first before you can add them as speakers.

Finally, hit that save button, and the new session will be added to My Schedule.

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