To start, you first need to add a stage to your event. You can create as many stages as you like.

From the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen, select Manage Stages, then click on the "Add Stage" button.

You will be taken to the Create A Stage screen. Give your stage a name.

Then choose "RTMP Livestream"

You can also change the picture of your stage photo, then click on "Create stage".

Once the new stage is created, you will find your stage stream key and RTMP server URL. You'll need these for your third-party streaming platform, so that it knows where to send the content.

Next, you need to create a Session for your stage to appear in. Going back to the navigation bar, select Sessions, then click the Add Session button.

Add your session title and description.

Select Stage under Session Type, and choose the Stage you want your session to be streamed on (i.e. the one you just created).

You can add a specific sponsor to the stage session, but make sure you have added sponsors (click here to know more about managing your sponsors).

Finally, choose your lead and additional speakers, set session start time, duration, and date, then click the Save button.

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