Note: Speakers must be registered for your event before they can be selected as a speaker. So, the first step is to send them your registration page and ask them to register.

  • Once they are registered, go to 'Sessions' in the navigation bar on the left of the screen and click Add Session.

  • After adding the session title, description, and type, you will find dropdown boxes allowing you to set your Lead Speaker/Moderator, as well as your Additional Speakers.

  • If they have registered for the event already, their name and email will come up automatically as you type.

There are two types of speakers:

  • Lead speaker/Moderator: This person starts and ends the session. They also control the session recording. They can be the sole speaker, or they can be a moderator who speaks occasionally. We will send them a reminder by email 25 minutes before the session is due to start.

  • Additional Speakers: Other speakers who will be able to join and present during the session. You can add up to five additional speakers.

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