You've created your event, set up all your sessions and added all your speakers - the only thing left is to launch!

You've probably noticed the 'Prelaunch' status button at the top of your event's home page.

Click on this and you'll be taken to the Edit Event page. You'll recognise these settings from when you created the event in the first place. Here you can edit your event name, custom URL, start and end time, as well as recording and other options.

In 'Prelaunch', people can sign up using your Registration page, but nobody can enter the event. When you are ready to let the crowd in, choose 'Live' and click Save.

Going Live will send an email to all attendees and speakers, letting them know the event is live, and when the first session starts. You can go live at any time, hours or even days before the first session, so people can build their schedule in advance.

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