Included in Konf is a customizable hosted Registration Page for your event. However, you may want attendees to register on your own website, or via a 3rd party external registration or ticket service.

In this case, you can use our Ticket API to automatically create tickets for them on Konf and allow them to access the event. Here are the steps for integration:

Go to Settings and disable "Konf Ticketing" and click Save.

Attendees will now not be able to register using your public Registration Page.

You can still manually invite people by creating tickets for them in "Manage Users". For example, you may want to create tickets for your speakers so they don't have to register for tickets themselves. See this article about Creating tickets for speakers.

Integrating with the Ticket API

The Ticket API is a simple REST API that allows you to create tickets for your event.

Once you disable "Konf Ticketing", go to Manage Users to find your EVENT_API_SECRET key.

The ticket code field is optional. If you want to generate unique ticket codes for your attendees (or use an existing unique ID you have for them) you can pass this as the ticket code. You can use a string of letters and numbers up to 256 characters long (we recommend 6 to 12 characters as this is easier for people to type in if required). It must be unique for that ticket, within your event.

If you don't pass a ticket code, we will generate a unique ticket code for that attendee, and return it in the JSON response.



Body Params (x-www-form-urlencoded):

EVENT_API_SECRET (required): example-secret-GbaAcT9aAwpfz
event_id (required) string: you event's ID
first_name (required) string: attendee's first name
last_name (required) string: attendee's last name
email (required) string: attendee's email
code (optional) string: unique ticket code
level_id (optional) integer: set ticket level, 1: Standard (default), 2: VIP

Responses (JSON):

200 Success:

"event_id": "2jnstuPke",
"code": "ticketcode123",
"email": "[email protected]",
"first_name": "Konf",
"last_name": "Test",
"status": "unclaimed",
"level_id": 2

400 Errors

Missing params or invalid secret:

"errors": [
"value": "wrong-secret-NH238cgbb2sD",
"msg": "Invalid EVENT_API_SECRET",
"param": "EVENT_API_SECRET",
"location": "body"

Internal error, or duplicate code:

"errors": [
"msg": "error_ticket_not_created"

Creating magic login links for attendees

Now that your attendees have tickets, they can access your event using their ticket code. Attendees must visit your public Registration Page and input their ticket code into the form to enter your event. Remember, your event must be switched to live before attendees can access it.

To make this process easier, you can create unique magic link urls which include the ticket code. The format is:

When they visit this link the ticket code will be pre-filled.

Emailing tickets to attendees

By default when you disable "Konf Ticketing", Konf will not send emails to attendees when their ticket is created, or when the event goes live. Therefore, you must send emails to everyone with their ticket codes and unique magic link or you can use the Ticketing API to automate it through your website. If you wish to customize this setting, please contact support.

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