When customizing your Konf event, you want to make sure that your attendees see your images at their best quality, no matter what device or screen resolution they are using. Following the below guidelines will give the best possible results no matter which file format or size you are using.

Registration page image
The recommended aspect ratio for this is 16:9 and the minimum resolution is 608x342. It's recommended to upload an 1280x720 image for high resolution screens.

Header image

This should always have a transparent background if possible. If it's just a logo then it should be a square image of min size 64x64. If it's a banner image, then the minimum height is 64px.

Welcome page image:

The minimum resolution for this should be 1280x320 (aspect ratio 4:1)

Session images

The main session image should be a square image of minimum resolution 320x320.

Session or stage cover images should be a 16:9 image with a min resolution of 1280x720.

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