With Konf, you can use external streaming platforms for your live stream. If you want to stream your event with OBS, follow the below guidelines.

From the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen, click on Manage Stages, then click on the "Add Stage" button:

Add the title of your livestream and choose RTMP Livestream option, then click on "Create Stage":

Copy the Stream Key and the RTMP Server URL:

Open OBS Studio, and from the File tab, choose Settings:

Click on Stream, paste the Stream Key and the RTMP Server URL in their boxes, and check mark "Use authentication" to enter your username and password.
When you're done click on the "OK" button.

From the Controls tab on the right hand side of the OBS app, click on "Start Streaming":

Refresh your Stage on Konf and you should be ready!

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