What is Konf?

Konf is a virtual event and conferencing software-as-a-service platform used by everyone from governments, large corporations and NGOs, down to small startups and interest groups, to host events. It enables speakers and organizers to present directly from a browser (the Chrome browser is strongly preferred), and it makes it easy for attendees to participate in events - all from the browser.

What's the issue?

In most corporate networks, Konf works just fine straight out of the box. However, in our experience, some corporate networks are locked down in such a manner that users are experiencing issues, such as not being able to log in, not being able to view video, or not being able to see - or participate - in the chat functionalities.

Do I really have to whitelist Konf?

Many corporate networks have a less-secure network (such as a public guest network, or a network designated for employees without security clearances). If that applies to you, it may be enough to advise your team members to use those networks instead.

If staff members are working from home, encouraging them to disable their VPN, and use the internet directly on their home connections, usually resolves the issue.

How do I whitelist Konf?

If you cannot propose an alternative network, here's what you need to whitelist:

  • The konf.co domain and all its subdomains - Including, specifically, gql.konf.co and auth.konf.co

  • mixpanel.com and subdomains

  • mxpnl.com and subdmains

  • segment.com and subdomains

  • pndsn.com and subdomains

  • stripe.com and subdomains

  • stripe.network and subdomains

  • rsms.me and subdomains

  • ucarecdn.com and subdomains

  • agora.io and subdomains - Including, specifically, .agora.io + .edge.agora.io

  • intercom.io and subdomains

  • mux.com + live.mux.com and subdomains

  • Ports: 443, 80, 1935, & 6443

If you have any technical questions or comments, please contact our support team on [email protected] .

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