Konf provides the option to use an external ticket provider, such as Eventbrite. To integrate with Eventbrite using Zapier, follow the below guidelines.

First make sure you have "Konf Ticketing" disabled via the Settings page.

Then go to your event and from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen, click Manage Users, then click on the "API" button.

A pop-up window containing the unique EVENT_API_SECRET and Event ID for your event will appear. You will need to copy these across to Zapier shortly.

Create an account on Zapier, then add Konf to your account by following this invite link.

Click on "Make a New Zap"

Add Eventbrite as your trigger app.

Choose "New Attendee Registered" from the dropdown menu

Then click "Continue"

Add your Eventbrite account, then click "Continue"

Click into each field and choose the data from Eventbrite that matches the event you are setting up. This will allow Zapier to pull in the correct information, then click "Continue"

Click on the "Test Trigger" button

Then click "Continue"

Choose Konf App, and click "Continue"

Enter the Zap you created previously on Zapier, then click "Continue"

Next, Zapier needs to match the fields from your Eventbrite event with those Konf needs to create a ticket. Click into each of the three boxes below and match First Name, Last Name, and Email with the corresponding fields from Eventbrite.

Click on "Test and Continue"

A ticket should now appear on the Manage Users page in your Konf event.

If something doesn't quite look right, please use the chat box to get in touch and we'll try and help further.

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