Konf gives you the opportunity to create special VIP sessions and breakout rooms for your attendees. To create VIP tickets, follow the below guidelines.

From the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen, choose Manage Tickets, then click on the "Add ticket" button

Fill in the details of your attendee; namely, ticket code, first name, last name, and email.

Then choose VIP in the Ticket Level box, and click the "Create Ticket" button when you're done.

When you're creating a session or a room, you can choose the ticket levels that will have access to them by marking the blue check box next to "Accessible for Ticket Levels" option.

Note: Click here to read more about creating sessions and here to read more about creating rooms.

You can always go back and change who can have access to the room/session by clicking on the "Edit" button

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