Just as in a real-world event, as an organizer you want control over who can and cannot appear on stage in front of your attendees. In a Konf session or room, you can give organizers and speakers the power to grant permission for attendees to go on stage.

Follow the below steps to restrict who can allow attendees on stage.

When creating your session, select "Must request access" when answering the question "Are attendees allowed on stage?"

(Click here to read more about creating Sessions and here for creating Rooms).

During your event, attendees can click a button to request to go on stage and an organizer or speaker can approve or decline their request.

When the request is accepted, they will see a "Go on stage" button and will be able to join the speaker on stage.

Note: When an attendee has been granted permission to go on stage, this cannot currently be rescinded, meaning they will be able to go on stage even if they are removed from it.

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