For privacy reasons, newer versions of Apple's macOS operating system need users to grant specific permissions to browsers in order to be able to record and share their screens during a video session like those run on Konf.

Frustratingly, you might not get an error message when macOS blocks your screen sharing, so if you can't share for any reason, it's best to check your privacy settings just in case and grant screen recording access to Google Chrome or your preferred browser.

To do this, first open System Preferences and click the Security and Privacy icon.

Navigate to Screen Recording in the sidebar, and ensure that Google Chrome is checked as approved for screen recording.

Finally, macOS will prompt you to restart Chrome in order for changes to take effect. Click "Quit Now" to restart the browser and try screen sharing again.

If you're still having issues or permission was already granted, please use the live chat icon to get in touch and we'll try to help further!

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