Improving accessibility for attendees is of vital importance when running a virtual event, and captioning live video content is just one effective way of doing this.

At Konf we're working on adding a whole range of accessibility features as standard, but in the meantime attendees and organizers alike can make use of one of Chrome's built-in features while using our platform to add dynamic subtitles to sessions - whether the content is live or pre-recorded.

To enable Live Captions, navigate to Chrome's settings screen using the "three dots" menu at the top right of the browser window.

Under the "Advanced" drop down menu on the left of the Settings screen, select "Accessibility". Here you can toggle Live Caption mode on and off, as well as setting preferences for how the captions will appear.

And that's it! The next time you view live content on Konf you'll see live captions appear in a pop-up window, which can be moved around the screen as required.

If you have any questions about accessibility when using Konf, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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