When setting up your event, you may wish to sell tickets that only allow attendees to access a certain portion of your event schedule. You might be running exclusive workshops; hosting a VIP breakout room; or even offering a discount to attendees who are only interesting in one portion of the running order. Luckily, Konf allows you to set ticket levels on per Session, per Room, and per Stage basis.

If necessary, read more about how to create Sessions, Rooms, and Stages before continuing.

You can create your desired ticket levels in the Settings screen. Under Manage Event in the navigation bar, click 'Settings', and scroll down to the Ticket Levels section.

Here you can create as many ticket levels as you like by typing their names into the box and clicking 'Create'.

Now, when you create a new Session or Room, you are able to use the checkboxes to specify which attendees should be able to access this session. Note that if their ticket type is not selected, they will not be able to see that the Session or Room exists. The exception to this rule is that attendees designated as Speakers are able to see the Sessions they are speaking in, regardless of their ticket level.

When inviting a new attendee to the event, you can select their ticket level (and thus the Sessions or Rooms they are able to view and enter) from the Invite Person screen. To do this, Under Manage Event, click Manage Users and select the 'Invite Person' button.

Here you can use the checkboxes to specify their ticket level in the same way as you did when setting up the session.

You can also change the ticket level for existing attendees using the drop down menu on the Manage Users screen.

Note: Ticket levels can also be set when uploading attendees in bulk via CSV. To read more on how to import tickets via CSV, head to our article here.

Please get in touch via live chat if you need any further help with custom ticket types.

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