During an event, there are many reasons why an organizer might wish to send a notification to all logged-in attendees. This could be a reminder about upcoming event content, or a link to complete a customer satisfaction poll, for example.

To send a notification to your attendees, navigate to the Messages section in the Manage Event section of the navigation bar.

On this screen, click the 'Create new Notification' button to start designing your message. You can also see a list of the last 10 notifications sent to attendees of this event.

Here you can give your notification a title (which will appear as a heading at the top of your message) and complete the content. This is a rich text editor, meaning you can style the text and include links to content elsewhere. Clicking the Preview Notification button allows you to see what the notification will look like to your attendees before you send.

When you're happy with how your notification looks, hit the Send Notification to All Attendees button and it will appear on their screens immediately.

Note: the notification will not appear for attendees who are not currently logged into the event.

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